Sony has officially announced that the Xperia Z4, available in Japan, will now be available to the rest of the world under the name Z3+. It’s set to be released in June and as promised we have a range of cases available for you to order now. Be one of the first to get your hands on a case for this brand new device whilst you wait for yours to arrive!

But first here’s a run-down of the Xperia Z3+

The Z3+ reveals a 6.9mm thick metal and glass body, thinner than its predecessor, and has a 5.2” screen. Featuring a 20.7MP camera and a new ‘Gourmet mode’ you will be able to take the best images of your favourite food ready to share with the world. The 5MP wide-angled front facing camera has been optimized to let you take the best selfies even in low light! It’s even waterproof and dust-tight making it great for every adventure! With up to a two-day battery life and power-saving technology, the Xperia Z3+ will be ready whenever you need it. Available in white, black, copper and aqua green there is no shortage of choice to suit your style. (Source: Sony)

For more information and a hands-on review check out Tech Radar.

Take a look at our great range of casesRS3757_cmi_barely there_Sony Xperia Z4_clear_CM032675_1

If you’re after the Xperia Z3+ you’ll need a case to protect it, so look no further than our great range, perfect if you want a stylish, protective solution. The two-piece Tough case features a snug form-fitting silicone wrap providing shock resistance and a hard shell to protect against any accidental drops, perfect for every adventure. The classic Barely There case will showcase your Xperia Z3+, its distinctive one piece design will mean your device will not only be in the limelight but will be protected too! Check out for more information and to find your perfect case!

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